1. My #YUMMY breakfast for today: sweet potato pancakes with strawberry syrup, turkey bacon, and oranges. It is gluten-free and dairy-free, which is shocking for me, but I did it! Also it is all #homemade goodness!

    I ate ALL of it and it was so GOOD!

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    Jimmy and Julia Roberts face off in “Face Balls”, a brand new game where they throw balls in one another’s face and then watch it in slo-mo after!

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    Love green smoothies!

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    OSKLEN ss 2014

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    Love watermelon!

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    Floto+Warner Studio: Colorful Liquid Splashes Captured at 1/3500th of a Second Look Like Floating Sculpturest 

    Cassandra Warner and Jeremy Floto of Floto+Warner Studio recently produced this beautiful series of photos titled Clourant that seemingly turns large splashes of colorful liquid into glistening sculptures that hover in midair.  The photos were shot at a speed of 1/3,500th of a second, taking special care to disguise the origin of each burst making images appear almost digital in nature (the duo assures no Photoshop was used).


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    Awa Ceesay and Brenda Mutoni for ROBERT WUN FW/14 ‘VOLT’ U+Magazine

    Photography - Sebastian Abugattas
    Director - Robert Wun
    Art Director - Naomi James
    Producer - Diago Mariotta Mendez
    Assistant - Loko Yu / Kamran Rajput
    Photography assistant - Ingrid Pumayalla
    Hair - Adam Szabo
    Make up - Joanna Banach

    These silhouettes are aweinspiring!

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    Junior Navy and Chocolate

    Jetted Hacking Pockets

    High Contrast

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